Our Programs

Arizona Ball Charter Schools provide a personalized education to all students emphasizing comprehensive academic excellence. Ensuring students are presented with a curriculum that supports the whole child and offers rigorous academics while supporting the social-emotional needs of all students is at the heart of our program. Instructional strategies include independent work and group projects, grade-level whole-group instruction, small group instruction that is highly differentiated, and utilization of technology to provide individualized support to students.
All programs may not be available at every campus. Please contact the campus directly to obtain a list of the current program offerings.  


Our scholarly program provides your child with ample opportunities to learn and grow academically, civically, and socially through engaging and hands-on learning experiences. We follow the Arizona Academic Standards to help ensure a well-rounded curriculum.

Each campus provides an ELA curriculum that enables young learners to experience a multi-sensory, systematic approach designed to develop a mastery of speaking, listening and writing. Older students apply these skills to become critical readers, develop organized and coherent writing pieces, and express personal ideas.

Mathematics is taught via enVision Math that emphasizes problem-based instruction, whole group and small group interaction, and visual learning. Implementation of many forms of manipulatives to introduce and develop math concepts as well as reasoning and modeling are key components to instruction.

Social Studies and Science are critical to a well-rounded academic experience and include hands-on activities that engage students in community, civics, and the scientific process at their level. This philosophy includes a STEM-infusion (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) across the curriculum. We believe that providing these building blocks during K-8th grade will help our students develop critical thinking skills and prepare for a technology-driven world. Our schools offer a comprehensive education that strives to meet the individual needs of every learner.


Each school’s athletic program’s core belief is that student-athletes are students first, athletes second. We want to grow them to be young men and women of integrity who will be leaders, be responsible, have tenacity, show courage, and carry a strong work ethic. These philosophies have earned our athletes many trophies and medals for our championship athletic program over the years.

Our schools participate in the Canyon Athletic Association (CAA) sports league and offer a variety of different sports for each season. Competitive athletics begins as early as 4th grade at some campuses.

Physical Education

P.E. has a different focus for early elementary, upper elementary, and middle school. Our youngest students will work on basic movement patterns, gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and the foundations of teamwork and fair play. As they get older, the class will focus on perfecting skills from the younger grades while branching into team sports.


We provide a structured general music appreciation program for all grade levels. Exposure to a variety of musical styles, movement, production and performance, creativity and self-expression drive this program.


Students will learn fundamental operations and concepts, use technology tools to enhance learning, and increase productivity and creativity. Regular lessons in digital citizenship and cross-curricular activities to enhance classroom-based instruction are important aspects. 

Foreign Language

Exposure to a second language is an opportunity for students to learn how to learn a second language. Conversational language, understanding spoken language, simple vocabulary to both read and write, and cultural studies are important aspects of the program. Older students are also taught grammar and language literacy.


A hands-on and rich art curriculum taught by a certified and very talented teacher. Students are introduced to art techniques and projects that reflect world cultures, art appreciation as well as a unique blend of aesthetic mediums. Art appreciation and exploration of materials and self-expression are highlights of this exemplary program.


In the Library, students learn to review and collect information from different resources. Attention is focused on promoting literacy projects and events to encourage all students to become lifelong learners and readers. The Library space is used for collaboration and private study, as well as information in all formats.

Before & After School Program

We offer a child care program that is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for children. We are committed to providing the best care for our students by offering a program that supports the overall health and well-being of children. We support strong partnerships with families and communities and work through these partnerships to provide social and cultural learning opportunities that seek to build upon individual strengths and interests.

Our before and after school program is open from 6:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M on all school days. Child care is provided during breaks and over the summer.

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